A Question of Fashion?

A Question of Fashion? In 1992 I accepted a position to teach sciences at Belleisle Regional High. The school had developed a very successful rugby program, and that fall the teacher who coached rugby wanted to start a senior club; ie, an adult team for which graduates could play. I agreed to help anchor the… Continue reading A Question of Fashion?

The Herdmans – Part 8

The Herdmans – Part 8 They were gone. And to Ontario of all places. About a month later I received a call from from a principal in one of our neighbouring districts. His was a K-5 school and located a thirty minute drive from our location. Your guessed it – they were back; well, in… Continue reading The Herdmans – Part 8

Difficult Conversations

Difficult Conversations My father died before I became a principal. Here was a fellow with a grade 6 education who started out as a deckhand in the merchant navy. He went on to become a ship’s captain. When he retired he was responsible for the operation of three ships and over 300 personnel. He would… Continue reading Difficult Conversations

Student Teacher #2

Student Teacher # 2 A number of years ago a colleague had been assigned a student teacher. The intern was in a different department and a different wing of our high school; therefore, I didn’t see much of him during the day. After he settled in he started to come in early and sit in… Continue reading Student Teacher #2

A Balanced Diet

A Balanced Diet It was my wife’s dream to become a veterinarian but we fell in love in university, later became engaged and after I completed my BEd we were married. We decided to follow my career and start a family. That seemed like the end of her dream; well, the veterinarian part anyway. Now… Continue reading A Balanced Diet

Hit the Nail on the Head

Hit the Nail on the Head One weekend morning my son and I were sitting at the kitchen table. He was four years old at the time and seated across from me. At one point he pushed back from the table and was attempting to balance on the back two legs of his chair. “Son,… Continue reading Hit the Nail on the Head

Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up I loved reading to my children. As they grew older they had their favourite books they wanted read over and over. Shel Silverstein was a favourite and I think I read all of his published poems to them. To this day my son would say that Shel is his favourite poet. One afternoon,… Continue reading Thumbs Up