Dressed for the Occasion

I forget what the specific goal was, but the grade 1’s were attempting to read a certain number of books by the end of the school year. I visited their classes often and was monitoring their progress. At one point I announced to the students, “If you reach your goal, I will do some cartwheels… Continue reading Dressed for the Occasion

Voice From the Past?

I have degrees from two universities. Because I wait until fall to make my annual donations, I am guaranteed to receive reminder phone calls. The calls usually come in November. On this particular evening I was home alone. I wasn’t busy. The phone rang. “Hello.” “Hello. I’m calling for Gary.” “This is he.” “Hello Gary.… Continue reading Voice From the Past?

Into the Wilderness – PART II

… continued from Dec 28 We didn’t drive too far; after all, we would have to find our way out of the wilderness the next morning. We also knew that there were living things in the wilderness that might not appreciate our company. There was a clearing to the left. We turned off the dirt… Continue reading Into the Wilderness – PART II

Into the Wilderness – PART I

In the spring of 1981, I participated in my university’s rugby tour to New England. I had just finished my BSc. I was going to work for a year before pursuing my BEd. I was soon to start a six month contract with the navy. Life was treating me well. It was a ten day… Continue reading Into the Wilderness – PART I

Classroom Christmas Parties – PART II

… continued from Dec 14 How I ended up playing the metre stick is a whole other story. It is actually tied to how I came to have the opportunity to teach grade 2 and later become a principal. But that’s a story for another day. For the final twenty-five years of my career, I… Continue reading Classroom Christmas Parties – PART II

Classroom Christmas Parties – PART I

I wasn’t a fan of using class time for partying. With all the disruptions and storm days during the year, to set aside a full period for a Christmas party didn’t make sense, not to me anyway. Over the years I often heard teachers say to their students, “With so many of you going to… Continue reading Classroom Christmas Parties – PART I


Nookers Nookers was the name we had for boyfriends and girlfriends making out in a parked car. During my early teen years, they would often be spotted at historic Carleton Martello Tower. On occasion, my buddies and I would walk up to the Tower to see if there were any nookers. We would approach the… Continue reading Nookers