In my 32 years of teaching I never sent a student to the office; well, I suppose, for 7 years I WAS the office. To be specific, I never told a kid to get out of my class. There were many who were referred to the office due to behaviour concerns, but to tell a… Continue reading GO TO THE OFFICE!!

Calculator Features

It was a beautiful spring morning and my class was in the Chemistry lab. While the students were carrying out their activity I approached one of them and quietly slipped a calculator to him. I whispered, “John, I want you to pretend this is yours and take it with you when we go outside. This… Continue reading Calculator Features

Out of Proportion

Over the years I tried different marking schemes and procedures. Nearing the end of my career I think I finally settled upon a system that made sense – to me anyway. One of my consistencies, however, was that I would tell students that if they were ever unhappy with a mark received, to come and… Continue reading Out of Proportion

Down the Drain

On December 23, 2015 I posted a story about the turtles I ended up adopting. These are the same turtles. When I left KVHS (a school of 1900) to BRHS (a school of 300) the turtles went with me. I arrived with 4 and, a few years later, ended up with 2 more. And they… Continue reading Down the Drain

The Dearly Departed – Part II

The funeral service I attended was for the wife of a former colleague. It was well attended and a nice tribute to a life well lived. During the homily I was reminded of a funeral service I attended many years ago. The funeral was for my brother’s mother-in-law. My nephew Michael gave the homily. He… Continue reading The Dearly Departed – Part II

The Dearly Departed – Part I

Two weeks ago I attended a funeral service and made two other visitations at funeral homes. I guess I am getting at that age. One of the visitations was for the father of a former colleague. I didn’t know him but I wanted to reach out to my friend. I became aware of his passing… Continue reading The Dearly Departed – Part I

A Fish Story

My friend Al retired a few years ahead of me. He taught elementary school. He kept fish in his classroom and loved to teach his students about fish aquaculture. He decided he was going to show his grade 5’s a fish dissection. He had two large trout and, before class, dissected one of them. His… Continue reading A Fish Story