Name of the Game

After decades of criticism, many professional and non-professional sports teams are reevaluating their team names and mascots. It’s unfortunate that it took the death of a person to finally bring this to a head. Over the years I have been a Greyhound, a General, an Ironman, a Lion, a Rover. I was also an Indian… Continue reading Name of the Game

Rugby Tour #2 (Un-sunscreen) – Part II

. . . continued After the team settled in at the motel, I went back to the department store. I had the two bottles of sunscreen, each about 1/3 full. There was a clerk behind the Courtesy Desk. I placed the two bottles and receipt before her. I looked at her. She looked at me.… Continue reading Rugby Tour #2 (Un-sunscreen) – Part II

Rugby Tour #2 (Un-sunscreen) – Part I

In May 1990, Ross Henderson and I took the KVHS Rugby Club to Prince Edward Island for a weekend tournament. (Rugby Tour #1 refers to the 1991 trip). We traveled in a school bus and Raymond was our driver. It was a good trip and the boys had a lot of fun. The Saturday was… Continue reading Rugby Tour #2 (Un-sunscreen) – Part I

Why We Do Things – PART II

… continued from last post Mark is a former student. I also coached him in high school rugby; in fact, he was riding shotgun (front passenger seat) in my blog post of November 13, 2015. After graduation he enrolled in engineering and started playing rugby on my adult team. Mark is also an only child.… Continue reading Why We Do Things – PART II

I Came This Close – Part II

… continued from last week So let’s put things in perspective. This event took place on the rugby field. I was asked by the coach of the boys’ team to give some pointers to the scrum (the 8 players who bind together when a ball is put into play). Two scrums were formed I had… Continue reading I Came This Close – Part II

Under Pressure

My university rugby coach was the head of the English Department. He was a published author and wrote poetry. My favourite expression of his was, Charge forth with reckless abandon. He often used words we didn’t understand but we always knew his meaning. One spring, we were getting ready for the club’s annual tour to… Continue reading Under Pressure

Into the Wilderness – PART II

… continued from Dec 28 We didn’t drive too far; after all, we would have to find our way out of the wilderness the next morning. We also knew that there were living things in the wilderness that might not appreciate our company. There was a clearing to the left. We turned off the dirt… Continue reading Into the Wilderness – PART II

Into the Wilderness – PART I

In the spring of 1981, I participated in my university’s rugby tour to New England. I had just finished my BSc. I was going to work for a year before pursuing my BEd. I was soon to start a six month contract with the navy. Life was treating me well. It was a ten day… Continue reading Into the Wilderness – PART I

Not so Hidden Bias

A while back I was attending a rugby referee clinic. One presentation was about the ref’s role in reducing the potential for injuries. To make his point, one of the facilitators referred to a particular game he had officiated. “The ball was kicked high into the air. The fullback, who wasn’t very big, was in… Continue reading Not so Hidden Bias

Roman Numerals II

Recently, I was refereeing a high school rugby game. As the match was drawing to a close, the captain of one of the teams asked me how much time remained. I looked at my watch and simply held up two fingers. The captain chuckled and said, “Are you telling me we have 2 minutes left… Continue reading Roman Numerals II