High School Swim Team

High School Swim Team Our high school swim team was about to head off to a major competition. I was in grade 12 and seated in the auditorium with a number of my football teammates. This particular school assembly was to serve as a pep rally for the members of swim team. There were over… Continue reading High School Swim Team

An Early Christmas Gift

An Early Christmas Gift For the longest time, I never told anyone this story; well, except for two people. I think enough time has passed that I can share it now. During my time as a principal there was a government grant program that hired people who were on Social Assistance (a provincial program) and… Continue reading An Early Christmas Gift

The Tinsel’s Silver Glow

The Tinsel’s Silver Glow Before I returned to university to complete my BEd degree I was employed as a Youth Counsellor at a juvenile detention centre. Essentially, I was a guard. It was a casual, six month position after which I was laid off. That suited me just fine. It was a few days before… Continue reading The Tinsel’s Silver Glow

A Good One-Liner

A Good One-Liner It was a year ago, mid-December, and I had stopped by my old school. I had some things to drop off, and I made a point of popping by the staffroom to say hello to former colleagues. One of the teachers I chatted with was responsible for the Co-op Program which saw… Continue reading A Good One-Liner

Lost in Translation – Part 2

Lost in Translation – Part 2 ……….. continued I took Ji-hu aside and explained to him the significance of saying, Jesus. I told him that many would find it offensive and suggested that he not say it. His jaw dropped. He apologized several times. “You know, Ji-hu, there is another expression that kind of means… Continue reading Lost in Translation – Part 2

Lost in Translation – Part 1

Lost in Translation – Part 1 Opening Night for our December theatrical performance was drawing near and we were in the early stages of the technical rehearsal. We were in the process of fine-tuning the sound cues and we had two students on the sound board. One was a grade 12 student who was well… Continue reading Lost in Translation – Part 1

Cheaper by the Dozen

Cheaper By the Dozen During the year I spent at the District Office I had the good fortune of driving by a newly opened bagel store each day. I knew the owner, he was actually the principal of one of the nearby high schools. I would often stop in on my way home to pick… Continue reading Cheaper by the Dozen