Identical Twins

Identical Twins Over the years I taught a number of students with identical twins, often they were both in the same class. I was always impressed with how well their classmates could tell them apart. Thankfully, I had a seating plan. One September, on the first day of classes, I looked up to see a… Continue reading Identical Twins

Sex on the Playground?

Sex on the Playground? A few posts ago I made reference to Lana (Grapes of Wrath? – June 10). She was in my grade 2 class at Leatherbarrow Primary. It was a beautiful fall afternoon and the noontime break was over. The children were coming in from the playground and making their way to their… Continue reading Sex on the Playground?

The Price is Right

The Price is Right We were trying to figure out what the price should be for tickets for our spring musical. For the previous show we had one price for adults and another for seniors and students. To simplify things we decided that all tickets would be priced the same. The show was worth at… Continue reading The Price is Right

Dead Skunk

Dead Skunk During my time as principal I taught music to the kindergarten children. Twice a week I would visit each of the classes. This would get me out of the office and gave me the opportunity to get to know our newest students. One evening, I was considering some new songs I could introduce… Continue reading Dead Skunk

Buried Treasure

Buried Treasure My grandson was born in April of last year. He is now fourteen months old and a great source of joy. This story took place last August. I dropped in at Northeast Equipment in Saint john. It is an industrial plumbing store and I knew I would find what I needed. I entered… Continue reading Buried Treasure

The Grapes of Wrath?

The Grapes of Wrath? My first thirteen years of teaching were spent at the high school level. I taught primarily chemistry and physics; consequently, I encountered relatively few students with significant learning disabilities or other exceptionalities. I thought Ritalin was a rock band. During the month of June, prior to becoming a grade 2 teacher,… Continue reading The Grapes of Wrath?

Elvis has left the Building

Elvis has left the Building There is a whole other story as to how I managed to get involved with musical theatre. It goes back to my final year in high school and a teacher who forced me on stage. Anyway, as a result of that experience, and after my rugby coaching days ended, I… Continue reading Elvis has left the Building

How do you like your Coffee?

How do you like your Coffee? I started drinking coffee in high school. The beverage and I have been constant companions since. In most of my schools I became the coffee-guy; you know, the person who first prepares the coffee in the morning and who hassles those who empty the pot but don’t refill it.… Continue reading How do you like your Coffee?

Power Rangers

Power Rangers The television show, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, began production in 1993. It was marketed for children and proved to be a very successful merchandising franchise. The show was about a group of teenagers who had the power to “morph” into super-heroes with advanced martial arts training. Their job was to defend Earth from… Continue reading Power Rangers