Downhill From Here

Recently, I was asked if I ski. That question comes up every now and then. The simple answer to that question is, No. I don’t like playing a sport in which my body moves faster than I can propel it myself. And I have too much respect for gravity and for trees. Besides, I am… Continue reading Downhill From Here

Credit Card Alert – Part II

… continued from last post Four minutes later my phone rang. I answered it. It was Tom. “Did you find your credit card?” “Yes, Tom, I did. I usually keep it in my jacket pocket, but I was curling last night and put it in my pants pocket when I went to the bar. It… Continue reading Credit Card Alert – Part II

Credit Card Alert – Part I

It was 8:15 AM. It was last month, one week before Christmas. My phone rang. It was a recorded message: “This is VISA Credit Card Services calling. At 5:00 AM this morning we noticed some unusual activity on your credit card. If you did not make a purchase using your VISA card at that time,… Continue reading Credit Card Alert – Part I

Well Seasoned

Well Seasoned Last month I was helping out at the curling club during one of our registration nights. The oldest member of our club arrived to pay his dues. He’s 88. Regarding his age he said, “You know, I didn’t think I would make it this long. I suppose I am being optimistic paying for… Continue reading Well Seasoned

True North Strong and Cold

I recently spent 18 days in southern Spain. Daily highs were around 18°C. Evenings were a bit cooler. Keep in mind that in the summer, daily highs hit 40°C. One afternoon I entered a restaurant to make an evening reservation. I knew that the owner’s English skills were almost nonexistent, but I caught on to… Continue reading True North Strong and Cold

I Wanted To Express My Opinion

One evening recently, my phone rang; in fact, it was at 8:28. Karen was on the line. “Hello. My name is Karen and I am calling form X and am conducting a short opinion survey regarding the economy and the environment.” She was interested in talking to someone between two particular ages much younger than… Continue reading I Wanted To Express My Opinion

My Uncle Snook

Yes, I had an Uncle Snook. That was his actual name. My dad had seven brothers and two sisters. They grew up in a Newfoundland outport. Abraham and Sarah died in infancy, so I never knew them. Dad was number three son and Snook was number five. It was also obvious that he had great… Continue reading My Uncle Snook