Bob’s Your Uncle

Bob’s Your Uncle I have one of those surnames that is seldom mispronounced but ofter misspelled. It’s not a big deal but when picking up packages or checking reservations I often find myself saying, “That’s Caines with a C.” I have had messages addressed: Cain, Canes, Caine, Cains, Kane, Kanes. Again, it’s not a big… Continue reading Bob’s Your Uncle

My Happy Place

My Happy Place Macdonald Consolidated school has an elevator. When I first became principal I avoided it. It didn’t save a lot of time and, of course, it was healthier to take the stairs. It was also important for the principal to be seen throughout the building. On this one particular day, I was having… Continue reading My Happy Place

Spoiled for Choice

Spoiled for Choice After five years of being a principal I decided I wanted (needed) a break. I was going to return to the classroom for a year; however, that summer I was asked if I would consider working at the District Office. I accepted the offer and for the next year my title was,… Continue reading Spoiled for Choice

Legitimate After All

Legitimate After All We had a middle school student who was proving to be a handful. He was in foster care and was carrying a lot of baggage. Unfortunately, he didn’t last long in the foster home and was in our school for a relatively short time. On this particular day he wasn’t very happy… Continue reading Legitimate After All

Something in the Air – II

I arrived at work at my usual time and was sitting at my desk when the secretary arrived. She entered my office. We exchanged greetings. She then said, “What is that smell?” “I don’t know. I don’t smell anything.” “Huh”, she said. She left. I had a few hours before my first class. I decided… Continue reading Something in the Air – II

Not up to Snuff

Not up to Snuff At my last school, if a student was suspected of having smoked marijuana s/he was taken to the office. While being questioned by one of the vice-principals the student would be asked to hold their hands out. The V-P would then lean in and smell their finger tips. On this one… Continue reading Not up to Snuff

Something in the Air – I

Ten years ago I was granted an educational leave (sabbatical). I enrolled in a French immersion program in northern New Brunswick. It was about a three and a half hour drive to get home so I only made the trip on the weekends. One Friday in mid September I noticed the tell-tale signs that a… Continue reading Something in the Air – I


Over-Do-Si-Do Back in the fall I wrote a story featuring Miranda (Drug Bust – Oct 30). This is another story about her. I was in my first year as principal of Macdonald Consolidated School. It was a Friday and our lunch break had just ended. One of the grade 8’s rushed into my office. “Mr.… Continue reading Over-Do-Si-Do

You Bet Your Boots

You Bet Your Boots I first started playing rugby when I was in high school. I actually managed to get a game in this past season. I love the sport. “Thinking man’s football”, my university coach would call it. About ten years ago I was in need of a new pair of cleats. I had… Continue reading You Bet Your Boots