The First Shall Be Last – Part I

My biology class would go to the lab every day. Some days it was for the full period, but most days it was to do a simple activity such as examining a slide under the microscope or checking bacteria cultures. It broke the hour-long class up and made it more interesting for the students. Unless… Continue reading The First Shall Be Last – Part I

Be Not Afraid

My brothers and I attended a funeral in early March. A number of hymns were sung including, Be Not Afraid. In recent years, it’s one that is often included. Following the service, one brother reminded us of a story as told to him by a clergyman. It took place following a funeral service a number… Continue reading Be Not Afraid

Rugby Tour #2 (Un-sunscreen) – Part II

. . . continued After the team settled in at the motel, I went back to the department store. I had the two bottles of sunscreen, each about 1/3 full. There was a clerk behind the Courtesy Desk. I placed the two bottles and receipt before her. I looked at her. She looked at me.… Continue reading Rugby Tour #2 (Un-sunscreen) – Part II

Rugby Tour #2 (Un-sunscreen) – Part I

In May 1990, Ross Henderson and I took the KVHS Rugby Club to Prince Edward Island for a weekend tournament. (Rugby Tour #1 refers to the 1991 trip). We traveled in a school bus and Raymond was our driver. It was a good trip and the boys had a lot of fun. The Saturday was… Continue reading Rugby Tour #2 (Un-sunscreen) – Part I

What is a Virus, Anyway?

There’s a school story to follow but first allow me to put on my teacher’s hat. The term Virus appears frequently in the media. So what is a virus? Basically, a virus is a parasite, but what makes it unique is that it cannot survive outside of a host. The world of science has identified… Continue reading What is a Virus, Anyway?

The Grocery Cart

I had my grandson for the afternoon (pre-self isolation). I needed some provisions so we stopped by the grocery store. He likes to sit in the cart, just as I did at that age. Before we picked one out (he likes the one with a child’s steering wheel) I pointed to the long lines of… Continue reading The Grocery Cart

The Atlantic Star – Part II

. . . continued from April 10 I completed the paperwork. It was an easy process as my father still had documents listing the ships he served in, dates of service, even rates of pay. I gathered together all the necessary materials and mailed them off to Veterans Affairs, Honours and Awards Section, in Ottawa.… Continue reading The Atlantic Star – Part II