Take me out to the Ballgame

I umpire Little League baseball. At the beginning of each match, and when I am behind the plate, I say to myself, For this game I am going to have everyone happy with each of my calls. By the third pitch I usually fail to attain that goal. Recently I was umping the bases for… Continue reading Take me out to the Ballgame

It’s a Dog’s Life

Last month I spent nine days in Ireland. I was travelling with two old friends. We rented a car and traveled much of the island, including time in Belfast. It was a great trip. One afternoon we were enjoying a pint in Galway. We were seated in the patio area. A couple with a dog entered… Continue reading It’s a Dog’s Life

Cat’s Cradle

After three years of teaching in Newfoundland, we decided to return to New Brunswick. The moving company packed up most of our belongings. Both of our vehicles were filled to the rafters. My wife had the baby and the dogs. I had the cat. It was late in the day when I was driving through… Continue reading Cat’s Cradle

Grandfather Clause

My friend Dale is also a retired teacher. He has a few years on me but not too many. A few months back he underwent a surgical procedure. Immediately afterwards, he found it useful to use a cane when walking. One morning he was out for a short walk in a park when he passed… Continue reading Grandfather Clause

Useful Technology

I sing in a group. It’s true; in fact, everyone in this group sings. We perform acappella. Five years ago, our friend Andrea agreed to arrange a song for us. She later contacted me and mentioned that she needed to know the lowest note the basses could sing. I said that I would get back… Continue reading Useful Technology