Chronic Education #2

Chronic Education #2 During my time as principal of Macdonald Consolidated School most days started out in the same manner. The buses arrived, our students exited and the high school students transferred to their respective buses. More often than not it was a smooth transition with little disruption or incident. But occasionally . . .… Continue reading Chronic Education #2

Body Language

Body Language I loved reading to my children. These opportunities truly represented quality time. I have so many fond memories of the three of us huddled around a book or laughing with poems by Shel Silverstein. But let me digress . . . . . . I remember when our children went off to school… Continue reading Body Language

The Meaning of Life

What’s it all About I was having one of those days. Before I could get one thing accomplished, two new problems popped up – or so it seemed. One thing about it, as a principal I found that the days passed incredibly fast. I forget what issue I was dealing with, but I decided to… Continue reading The Meaning of Life

A Walk-by Kicking

A Walk-by Kicking At Macdonald Consolidated School we held two middle school assemblies per week. The music room was just large enough to accommodate all six classes. In September, we covered (reviewed) how assemblies were to be carried out; ie, behaviour expectations, how to treat guest speakers, proper ways to ask questions, etc. Once the… Continue reading A Walk-by Kicking

What’s In a Word

What’s In a Word I was sitting at my desk while my homeroom students were filing in. I noticed one of my afternoon students standing at the door staring at me. She looked like she had been crying. I walked over to her and asked if she was alright. She quickly handed me a note… Continue reading What’s In a Word

Chronic Education

Chronic Education During my principalship we had a few drug-related incidents but, for the most part, things were fairly clean. Following my first year the grade 9’s moved up to the high school, this certainly helped. We also closed the campus; ie, the students couldn’t leave the grounds during the day. Being a country school,… Continue reading Chronic Education

These Boots Were Made For Walking

My first rugby coach was high school teacher Peter Fleming. I didn’t have Physical Pete as a subject teacher but it was obvious he was respected and appreciated by his students. Although my older brothers were rugby players it was Mr. Fleming who provided my first real introduction to the game. Rugby playing and coaching… Continue reading These Boots Were Made For Walking