Europe # 1 – Food

I recently returned from a trip to Europe. Time was spent in France, Belgium, Hungary and Austria. At every opportunity I opted for traditional meals. Why travel all that distance to eat food I could easily get at home? I was never disappointed. One of the items on my list was Hungarian goulash. Following my… Continue reading Europe # 1 – Food

And Counting

As a young rugby player I was taught he importance of fitness. Back in those days, you only came off the field if you were injured, so it was necessary to be able to endure the 80 minutes of game play. I was also taught that if you weren’t fit enough to last the entire… Continue reading And Counting

Falling For You

In the news recently, it was reported that two RCMP cadets fainted during a ceremony at which our Prime Minister was speaking. I wondered why this made the news. Was the media suggesting that Mr. Trudeau was somehow responsible? In the military, having people faint on parade is commonplace. I don’t know why the RCMP… Continue reading Falling For You

Pardon me Pontiff

As I was completing my BEd degree at St. Thomas University (STU), my fiance and I agreed that we would accept the first teaching position offered. As it turned out, that offer came from Newfoundland, but there was a problem. In order to be certified in Newfoundland it was necessary to have two English credits.… Continue reading Pardon me Pontiff

I’m an ELF

It’s true, I’m an ELF. To be more specific, I am an Elementary Literacy Friend. ELF programming pairs trained community volunteers with grade 2 students who require additional time on task to master various literacy skills. Students are mentored for one hour, twice per week, for 10 weeks. I first became an ELF a year… Continue reading I’m an ELF