Simply Awesome

Simply Awesome A while back we were in a restaurant. After I placed my order the waitress responded with, “Excellent”. I didn’t know if I had ordered an excellent meal or if I did so in an excellent manner, but it was nice to know that I had achieved something at a high standard. After… Continue reading Simply Awesome

You Called me a What?

You Called me a What? In 1991 I was teaching at Kennebecasis Valley High School. Brett was a former student and had a part-time job pumping gas at a local station. I was pleased to see him when I pulled up to the pumps. “Hey, Mr. Caines, you ol’ wanker. How are you doing?” “Brett,… Continue reading You Called me a What?

The Herdmans Part 6

The Herdmans  Part 6 Things were going fairly well for the Herdmans, at school anyway. The three boys were having success in their classes and Billy’s behaviour had improved significantly. Their attendance continued to be sporadic and it was all or nothing for them; ie, all three would be at school or neither would be… Continue reading The Herdmans Part 6

Better Never Than Late?

Better Never Than Late? I had relatively high expectations when it came to students being on time for class. I wasn’t overly aggressive, but I like to think that I was consistent in my approach. For the most part the students responded well and tardiness didn’t become an issue; however, occasionally I had one of… Continue reading Better Never Than Late?

The B in the BLT

The B in the BLT This happened a few years ago. I had a meeting in the city so rushed into town after classes ended. That same night, my wife and I had tickets for a show at the theatre. Following my meeting I went to pick up my wife. I hadn’t had supper so… Continue reading The B in the BLT

To the Gay Students I Have Taught

To the Gay Students I have Taught This is going to end up being an apology to the gay students I taught during the first half of my career. But first a bit of background. I realize that the environment one grows up in very much influences one’s attitudes and understanding. I grew up during… Continue reading To the Gay Students I Have Taught

Heart Attack Humour

Heart Attack Humour I had lunch with six friends last week. Four of us were retired teachers. Unfortunately, one of the guys had a heart episode last fall. He is alright now but it certainly shook him up a bit; in fact, it served as a reminder to all of us of the uncertainty that… Continue reading Heart Attack Humour