Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up

I loved reading to my children. As they grew older they had their favourite books they wanted read over and over. Shel Silverstein was a favourite and I think I read all of his published poems to them. To this day my son would say that Shel is his favourite poet.

One afternoon, when our daughter was between two and three years old, she was sitting alone in the living room with her stuffed dog Baron. She didn’t know that I was watching from the hallway. She had a catalogue opened in front of her and she was reading to Baron. She would talk gibberish for approximately ten or fifteen seconds, turn the page and continue reading. I was impressed to see that she had the catalogue right side up and that she was turning the pages from right to left. She had the mechanics down.

She was even licking her thumb before turning each page. It was interesting to note, however, that she was licking her right thumb and turning the page with her left. She did this each time – licked her right thumb and turned the page with her left. It was hilarious.

I guess she didn’t have all the mechanics nailed but she was well on the way.

I so wish I had had a video recorder.

And all the colours I am inside have not been invented yet.” S. Silverstein

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