Self-Isolation and Monkey Fluids

First of all, I’m retired. I have extra time on my hands. Secondly, in light of the Covid-19 crisis, I’m practicing self-isolation. Being alone is really tough for people like me who get energized by being in the company of others. I enjoy social interaction and, as such, am involved in a lot of community… Continue reading Self-Isolation and Monkey Fluids

Computer Jargon

My computer monitor was acting up. For several months a faint horizontal line appeared midway up. On occasion, a static-type pattern appeared in the bottom half. When this happened, it was impossible to read that half of the screen. It was getting worse. I tried a few things to determine the source of the matter… Continue reading Computer Jargon

Hidden Pleasures

Not long ago I was chatting with a carpenter who specialized in renovations. I asked if he had any funny or interesting stories to tell. He thought for a few moments. “You’d be surprised how often I find porn magazines tucked up between floor joists in unfinished basements.” I told this story to a friend… Continue reading Hidden Pleasures

Boating Baffle

A friend of my father’s was visiting home. He and a buddy decided they wanted to do some fishing. They borrowed a small boat, filled the tank with fuel and off they went. After a pleasant afternoon on the water they decided to head back to shore. Cal primed the engine and pulled on the… Continue reading Boating Baffle

I Saw The Light

I Saw The Light Four years ago I had surgery on my right knee. Prior to the operation, I was prepped and lying on a gurney. The attendant wheeled me down the hall and around the corner. We stopped just outside the operating room. She told me to relax and that she would be back… Continue reading I Saw The Light

Why We Do Things – Part I

Why We Do Things – PART I Everything we do in life is for one or a combination of three reasons. Enjoyment of the Process – Often we do something simply because it is fun to do: Playing cards with friends Going to the movies Reading a trashy novel Having sex for pleasure Enjoyment of… Continue reading Why We Do Things – Part I

I May Have Made a Difference

I am a blood donor. I’m also retired. That means I have more time to ask questions. Giving blood in Canada includes a number of steps. After checking in and completing the questionnaire, donors are asked to read the WHAT YOU MUST KNOW TO GIVE BLOOD pamphlet. This step is done while waiting for the… Continue reading I May Have Made a Difference