Legitimate After All

Legitimate After All We had a middle school student who was proving to be a handful. He was in foster care and was carrying a lot of baggage. Unfortunately, he didn’t last long in the foster home and was in our school for a relatively short time. On this particular day he wasn’t very happy… Continue reading Legitimate After All

Not up to Snuff

Not up to Snuff At my last school, if a student was suspected of having smoked marijuana s/he was taken to the office. While being questioned by one of the vice-principals the student would be asked to hold their hands out. The V-P would then lean in and smell their finger tips. On this one… Continue reading Not up to Snuff


Over-Do-Si-Do Back in the fall I wrote a story featuring Miranda (Drug Bust – Oct 30). This is another story about her. I was in my first year as principal of Macdonald Consolidated School. It was a Friday and our lunch break had just ended. One of the grade 8’s rushed into my office. “Mr.… Continue reading Over-Do-Si-Do

A Crying Shame

A Crying Shame According to the Myers-Briggs Personality Type indicator I am an ENTJ. When I first completed the inventory, I was almost off the scale in the T and the J categories. So what does this mean? Being a strong T indicates that I tend to look at things very logically. I am not… Continue reading A Crying Shame

The Biggest Bullies in School – Part 1

The Biggest Bullies in School – Part 1 About twenty years ago I attended a professional development seminar for teachers. I believe the title was simply called, School Bullies. The presenter, herself a teacher, started the session off by asking participants to identify the characteristics of a bully. As the various adjectives and verbs were… Continue reading The Biggest Bullies in School – Part 1

The Herdmans – Part 8

The Herdmans – Part 8 They were gone. And to Ontario of all places. About a month later I received a call from from a principal in one of our neighbouring districts. His was a K-5 school and located a thirty minute drive from our location. Your guessed it – they were back; well, in… Continue reading The Herdmans – Part 8

The Herdmans – Part 7

The Herdmans – Part 7 The Herdman’s had settled into the new routine, somewhat. Mom would drive them to school, and every week or two I would provide her with a signed form verifying their attendance. She would, in turn, submit this form to Family and Community Services and then be reimbursed for her mileage.… Continue reading The Herdmans – Part 7