Pick of the Litter

Pick of the Litter Many years ago I set a small goal for myself, to pick up one piece of litter every day. While I was still teaching there were few days when I didn’t pass by garbage walking from my car to the school. I would often gather up two or three items –… Continue reading Pick of the Litter

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel It was my mom’s birthday this week. I have been thinking about her more than usual.The following story came to mind. Mom was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease while she was still working as a nurse. The illness never took the upper hand until after my father died. The final years of her life… Continue reading Guardian Angel

A Teachable Moment

A Teachable Moment Not long ago my son and I were sitting down at one of our favourite breakfast spots. Two waitresses approached us – one familiar to us, the other was new. The woman we knew spoke first. “Good morning. This is Lisa, this is her first day. She is going to be taking… Continue reading A Teachable Moment

Seafood Chowder

Seafood Chowder The subject of this story will remain anonymous. He gave me permission to share it but I promised to protect the innocent. This occurrence took place several years ago and we are now both retired, but I suspect this story is still being told back in our old staff-room. My friend was heading… Continue reading Seafood Chowder

BLT #2

BLT #2 A few weeks back I stopped at a Tim Horton’s Coffee Shop to get a sandwich. It was the same spot I refer to in my May 13th post; in fact, the circumstances were very similar – I was between meetings and it was past suppertime. I was hungry. This particular shop is… Continue reading BLT #2

Uncle Ralph

Uncle Ralph Today, November 11, is Remembrance Day in Canada. It’s the day we set aside each year to remember those in the armed forces who have died or were injured in the line of duty. My Uncle Ralph was one of my mother’s older brothers. He died in Italy on February 9, 1944 with… Continue reading Uncle Ralph

New Technology

New Technology I was teaching at B.R.H.S. when Smart Boards were making their way into the classrooms. They were integrated over several years with 2 and 3 arriving at a time. The young teachers were really keen to have this technology in their rooms, and I was getting closer to retirement. When asked if I… Continue reading New Technology

Telephone Surveys – Part II

Telephone Surveys – Part 2 If you haven’t read my previous post then you should before reading this one (it’s short). Of the 59 survey callers, 8 declined to take my survey; consequently, I did not participate in their survey. They usually said that they couldn’t take my survey but one said that she didn’t… Continue reading Telephone Surveys – Part II

Telephone Surveys – Part I

Telephone Surveys – Part 1 We have all had the opportunity to participate in a telephone survey at some point, right? Unless I am busy with something else, or in a hurry to get out of the house, I usually accommodate the caller. I figure the person calling is trying to make a living so… Continue reading Telephone Surveys – Part I