During the period Dec 1981- May 1982 I worked as a counsellor (guard) at a juvenile detention centre (Ref: Blog Post Dec 23, 2016 – The Tinsel’s Silver Glow). It was a six month, casual position after which I spent the summer with the naval reserve then returned to university to undertake my BEd. A… Continue reading Banaco

Clifford – Part II

Following my visit with Clifford I wasn’t sure how I was going to find out the story. Then the thought occurred to me, his sister was still living, and she was a friend of my mother’s. I’ll start by calling her. Later that week we connected. I told her why I was calling. “By chance,… Continue reading Clifford – Part II

Clifford – Part I

Clifford was a member of my Masonic Lodge. He was in the Canadian Navy; after which, he became a police officer. When I came to know Clifford he was well into retirement. He had had a stroke which affected his mobility. His speech was limited to saying three things; Yes, No and Jesus Christ. I… Continue reading Clifford – Part I

Matthew – Part II

I finished my teaching career at HHS. I taught Chemistry there for six years. Because MCS fed into HHS, for the first five years I had at least two former kindergarten students in each of my chemistry classes. Few teachers could claim such a connection with his/her students. During my sixth year, it was only… Continue reading Matthew – Part II