Rant 2 – Who will be that Voice?

Rant #2 – Who will be that Voice? Recently, an editorial in the Telegraph-Journal (New Brunswick) pointed out that the New Brunswick Teachers Association (NBTA) is calling upon the Department of Education to conduct a review of how mentally and physically disabled students are integrated in the province’s schools. The editor goes on to write,… Continue reading Rant 2 – Who will be that Voice?

A New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Resolution  A few blogs back I mentioned that I liked parody and satire. In my naivety,  and as a young teacher, I just assumed everyone else appreciated these forms of humour. I was wrong. It was the first day of school after the Christmas Break. A number of my high school students were… Continue reading A New Year’s Resolution

The Gang’s all Here

The Gang’s All Here A number of years ago, Hampton High had a student gang in its midst. They called themselves The Cobraz. The Cobraz were a secret gang with select membership. They even had a sign of recognition with which they would salute each other. The Sign of the Cobraz was done by touching… Continue reading The Gang’s all Here

A Staple Presentation

A Staple Presentation I love parody and satire. I used these forms of presentation often, even though I grew to realize that many students did not appreciate it (more later). One of my patented shticks when teaching high school went like this. “Good morning class. Before we begin today’s formal lesson I would like to… Continue reading A Staple Presentation

Jump the Gun Part 2

Jump the Gun Part 2 …… continued from March 11 He WAS telling the truth, and I had just sent him out into the woods where there was an angry guy with a loaded handgun. I hurried into the staffroom and contacted the town police. A short while later, a constable arrived and Calvin retold… Continue reading Jump the Gun Part 2

Jump the Gun Part 1

Jump the Gun   Part 1 It was a beautiful spring day and a Saturday. I was the master-on-duty at Rothesay-Netherwood, a private boarding and day school located outside Saint John. One of my senior rugby players was on gates. (Ref: Out on a Limb, Feb 3). Bottom-line, he was required to report to the duty… Continue reading Jump the Gun Part 1

Up in Smoke?

Up in Smoke? It was my first year teaching at Rothesay-Netherwood, a private boarding and day school located outside Saint John. I taught all the chemistry and physics courses, together with a section of grade 10 math. I also worked with the school’s army cadet corps and coached rugby. It was a beautiful fall day… Continue reading Up in Smoke?