Well Seasoned

Well Seasoned Last month I was helping out at the curling club during one of our registration nights. The oldest member of our club arrived to pay his dues. He’s 88. Regarding his age he said, “You know, I didn’t think I would make it this long. I suppose I am being optimistic paying for… Continue reading Well Seasoned

What Grampies Do

Most weeks this past winter I built a miniature snowman for my grandchildren. I would place it in front of their living room window and would usually do so prior to leaving. They would watch from inside. Seven weeks ago, I realized that this opportunity would soon cease to be. There was very little snow… Continue reading What Grampies Do

Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up I loved reading to my children. As they grew older they had their favourite books they wanted read over and over. Shel Silverstein was a favourite and I think I read all of his published poems to them. To this day my son would say that Shel is his favourite poet. One afternoon,… Continue reading Thumbs Up