Into the Wilderness – PART I

In the spring of 1981, I participated in my university’s rugby tour to New England. I had just finished my BSc. I was going to work for a year before pursuing my BEd. I was soon to start a six month contract with the navy. Life was treating me well. It was a ten day… Continue reading Into the Wilderness – PART I

Classroom Christmas Parties – PART II

… continued from Dec 14 How I ended up playing the metre stick is a whole other story. It is actually tied to how I came to have the opportunity to teach grade 2 and later become a principal. But that’s a story for another day. For the final twenty-five years of my career, I… Continue reading Classroom Christmas Parties – PART II

Classroom Christmas Parties – PART I

I wasn’t a fan of using class time for partying. With all the disruptions and storm days during the year, to set aside a full period for a Christmas party didn’t make sense, not to me anyway. Over the years I often heard teachers say to their students, “With so many of you going to… Continue reading Classroom Christmas Parties – PART I


Nookers Nookers was the name we had for boyfriends and girlfriends making out in a parked car. During my early teen years, they would often be spotted at historic Carleton Martello Tower. On occasion, my buddies and I would walk up to the Tower to see if there were any nookers. We would approach the… Continue reading Nookers