Fly in the Ointment

The custodian who was responsible for cleaning the chemistry lab took her job very seriously. When I first arrived at the school she asked what my expectations were for cleaning in the lab. She also told me what her expectations were of me. I was impressed with that. The preparation room at the back of… Continue reading Fly in the Ointment

Name of the Game

After decades of criticism, many professional and non-professional sports teams are reevaluating their team names and mascots. It’s unfortunate that it took the death of a person to finally bring this to a head. Over the years I have been a Greyhound, a General, an Ironman, a Lion, a Rover. I was also an Indian… Continue reading Name of the Game

Safe on Base

I umpire minor league baseball. I derived a lot of pleasure as a player. This allows me to continue to be part of the action. A few weeks back I was on my way to a game. I stopped to pick up some milk at a convenience store. I was wearing my umpire’s uniform. After… Continue reading Safe on Base

Thermometer Blues

A former colleague tells this story. While undertaking her BSc she was doing an independent study for one of her courses. Her project dealt with sleep deprivation. One aspect of it had her waking up every hour during the night and taking her temperature. She purchased a thermometer and started her data collection. After the… Continue reading Thermometer Blues

Phone Call Faux Pas

Fifteen years ago a call home from the high school was made. A mature female voice answered. “Hi. Would Mr. or Mrs. W be available please?” “Mr. W? MR. W? HE’S DEAD.” “Oh my goodness. I’m sorry. I had no idea.” “HE’ S BEEN DEAD FOR YEARS.” “I’m really sorry. I was going by the… Continue reading Phone Call Faux Pas

The First Shall Be Last – Part II

. . . continued from May 29 The following day I approached the secretary. I explained my plan. She agreed to assist. The plan was simple. About midway through class I was going to give her a signal via the intercom. Five minutes later she would call into the classroom and ask if Kevin could… Continue reading The First Shall Be Last – Part II

The First Shall Be Last – Part I

My biology class would go to the lab every day. Some days it was for the full period, but most days it was to do a simple activity such as examining a slide under the microscope or checking bacteria cultures. It broke the hour-long class up and made it more interesting for the students. Unless… Continue reading The First Shall Be Last – Part I

Be Not Afraid

My brothers and I attended a funeral in early March. A number of hymns were sung including, Be Not Afraid. In recent years, it’s one that is often included. Following the service, one brother reminded us of a story as told to him by a clergyman. It took place following a funeral service a number… Continue reading Be Not Afraid

Rugby Tour #2 (Un-sunscreen) – Part II

. . . continued After the team settled in at the motel, I went back to the department store. I had the two bottles of sunscreen, each about 1/3 full. There was a clerk behind the Courtesy Desk. I placed the two bottles and receipt before her. I looked at her. She looked at me.… Continue reading Rugby Tour #2 (Un-sunscreen) – Part II

Rugby Tour #2 (Un-sunscreen) – Part I

In May 1990, Ross Henderson and I took the KVHS Rugby Club to Prince Edward Island for a weekend tournament. (Rugby Tour #1 refers to the 1991 trip). We traveled in a school bus and Raymond was our driver. It was a good trip and the boys had a lot of fun. The Saturday was… Continue reading Rugby Tour #2 (Un-sunscreen) – Part I