The Herdmans – Part 8

The Herdmans – Part 8

They were gone. And to Ontario of all places.

About a month later I received a call from from a principal in one of our neighbouring districts. His was a K-5 school and located a thirty minute drive from our location.

Your guessed it – they were back; well, in the province anyway.

This was their fourth school that academic year. Incredible.

Over the years I thought of that family often but particularly Billy K. My time with him proved to represent some of the best professional development I received. And the stories ……

I don’t usually read the In-the-Courts section of the provincial newspaper, but one day last year my eyes happened to fall on a particular article. I guess there was something about the title that caught my eye. It was about Billy K. He had run afoul of the law. He was twenty-three at the time.

It wasn’t a particularly serious offence; well, nobody was physically hurt and nothing was stolen. But there was his name. I had a hard time imagining him as a twenty-three year old.

Once a week the local paper runs a section that interviews high profile people in the community. One of the questions asked is, If you could have dinner with any three people, living or dead, who would they be?

You guessed it – if I were asked that question. Billy K would NOT make the list.

But thanks for the stories Billy K Herdman.

Follow for stories every Wednesday and Friday.

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