If You Really…….. Part 2

If You Really ……… Part 2 If you haven’t read the previous post then you should before reading this one (it’s short). I first read Verbal Self-Defence in 1992. From that point onward, I would often share this strategy with my upper-level students. I didn’t realize that a few years later I would end up… Continue reading If You Really…….. Part 2

Discovering the World

Discovering the World When children are born they are entirely dependant on their care-givers. As parents, we control how our children discover the world, but as they grow older and become more independent they start to make their own discoveries. In some cases, those discoveries are incongruent with what they have learned at home. When… Continue reading Discovering the World

A Balanced Diet

A Balanced Diet It was my wife’s dream to become a veterinarian but we fell in love in university, later became engaged and after I completed my BEd we were married. We decided to follow my career and start a family. That seemed like the end of her dream; well, the veterinarian part anyway. Now… Continue reading A Balanced Diet