Name of the Game

After decades of criticism, many professional and non-professional sports teams are reevaluating their team names and mascots. It’s unfortunate that it took the death of a person to finally bring this to a head. Over the years I have been a Greyhound, a General, an Ironman, a Lion, a Rover. I was also an Indian… Continue reading Name of the Game

My MEd – The Final Days, Part II

. . . continued from July 10 I must admit, the next day I was expecting someone to arrive at the classroom door and ask for me. That didn’t happen. Nor did it happen the next day. I plugged away. With two university courses compressed into three weeks, the workload was heavy, but I was… Continue reading My MEd – The Final Days, Part II

My MEd – The Final Days, Part I

The summer of 1997 was approaching. I needed two more courses to finish my MEd. As I did the summer before, I was prepared to attend the university’s summer session, ninety minutes drive from home. Up until that year, summer session ran for six weeks. In 1997 the university decided to run two three-week sessions.… Continue reading My MEd – The Final Days, Part I

Hustle and Bus-tle

Not long after the end of day bus departure, the office phone rang. It was an upset parent. Her eight-year-old son didn’t get off the bus. We sprang into action. His teacher confirmed that he had been in school and exited with the other kids. She hadn’t seen him since. The bus-duty teacher didn’t see… Continue reading Hustle and Bus-tle

Phone Call Faux Pas

Fifteen years ago a call home from the high school was made. A mature female voice answered. “Hi. Would Mr. or Mrs. W be available please?” “Mr. W? MR. W? HE’S DEAD.” “Oh my goodness. I’m sorry. I had no idea.” “HE’ S BEEN DEAD FOR YEARS.” “I’m really sorry. I was going by the… Continue reading Phone Call Faux Pas

A Handy Solution

This took place many years ago in a rural high school that has since been torn down. I’m connected to the school custodian. One evening he noticed that someone had punched a hole in the wall at the bottom of a set of stairs. He repaired it and was able to match the paint. The… Continue reading A Handy Solution

Global Response

Some say that extroverts rule the world. I’m not sure that’s true, but they certainly garner most of the attention. Not long ago I was in to donate blood. The nurse looking after me was new; at least, I hadn’t seen her before. I’m not sure how we got on the conversation but it had… Continue reading Global Response

Put to the Test

It was the end of the school day. The students were getting ready to head to the buses. One of the bus drivers entered my office and informed me that she was refusing to transport a particular student home. “I’ve had enough of his poor behaviour on the bus. This morning he was intolerable. I… Continue reading Put to the Test

The Handicap Bus

I forget the fine details but we had a grade 4 boy causing issues on his bus. I carried out due diligence and it was clear to me that this fellow was the root of the problem; however, his father was less convinced. It became obvious that simply talking to the parent and to the… Continue reading The Handicap Bus

Battery Recycling II

A number of years ago I was attending a barbecue. One of my retired friends was taking pictures and I noticed, at one point, that he changed out his batteries. I asked him what he was going to do with them. When he said that he would simply be putting in the garbage, I mentioned… Continue reading Battery Recycling II