Bob’s Your Uncle

Bob’s Your Uncle I have one of those surnames that is seldom mispronounced but ofter misspelled. It’s not a big deal but when picking up packages or checking reservations I often find myself saying, “That’s Caines with a C.” I have had messages addressed: Cain, Canes, Caine, Cains, Kane, Kanes. Again, it’s not a big… Continue reading Bob’s Your Uncle

Something in the Air – I

Ten years ago I was granted an educational leave (sabbatical). I enrolled in a French immersion program in northern New Brunswick. It was about a three and a half hour drive to get home so I only made the trip on the weekends. One Friday in mid September I noticed the tell-tale signs that a… Continue reading Something in the Air – I


Over-Do-Si-Do Back in the fall I wrote a story featuring Miranda (Drug Bust – Oct 30). This is another story about her. I was in my first year as principal of Macdonald Consolidated School. It was a Friday and our lunch break had just ended. One of the grade 8’s rushed into my office. “Mr.… Continue reading Over-Do-Si-Do

You Bet Your Boots

You Bet Your Boots I first started playing rugby when I was in high school. I actually managed to get a game in this past season. I love the sport. “Thinking man’s football”, my university coach would call it. About ten years ago I was in need of a new pair of cleats. I had… Continue reading You Bet Your Boots

A Crying Shame

A Crying Shame According to the Myers-Briggs Personality Type indicator I am an ENTJ. When I first completed the inventory, I was almost off the scale in the T and the J categories. So what does this mean? Being a strong T indicates that I tend to look at things very logically. I am not… Continue reading A Crying Shame

Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men When our daughter was twelve we bought a five-year-old horse. She was responsible for his care and maintenance. Her day would begin in the barn and her duties continued after school. She rode competitively and enjoyed many hours at horse shows and in barns. Now, what I DIDN’T do was the… Continue reading Of Mice and Men

Discovering the World

Discovering the World When children are born they are entirely dependant on their care-givers. As parents, we control how our children discover the world, but as they grow older and become more independent they start to make their own discoveries. In some cases, those discoveries are incongruent with what they have learned at home. When… Continue reading Discovering the World

Renroc Sag

Renroc Sag Ronald was a student with autism. I didn’t teach him but we often talked in the hallway. He had a talent for remembering facts and loved to pronounce words as if they were spelled backwards. Over the years we developed a nice relationship. When he first met me he asked my name: “I’m… Continue reading Renroc Sag

A Sleight of Hand

A Sleight of Hand When I was a preschooler we had milk delivered to the door. My mother would leave out the empty bottles and the milkman would exchange them twice a week. The city was served by two dairies, Baxter Dairies and General Dairies and our milk came form General Dairies. Occasionally we would… Continue reading A Sleight of Hand

A Reasonable Facsimile

A Reasonable Facsimile Before I tell this story I want to point out that the teacher mentioned was one of the most dedicated, sincere and enthusiastic teachers with whom I have worked. Teaching was so the right career for her. The use of some technologies, however, were just not her forte. She approached me one… Continue reading A Reasonable Facsimile