Self-Isolation and Monkey Fluids

First of all, I’m retired. I have extra time on my hands. Secondly, in light of the Covid-19 crisis, I’m practicing self-isolation. Being alone is really tough for people like me who get energized by being in the company of others. I enjoy social interaction and, as such, am involved in a lot of community… Continue reading Self-Isolation and Monkey Fluids


Self-Isolation My fear is, these we will later refer to as the early days of self-isolation. It will be the arts that get us through this – not the oil industry, not the car manufacturers – the arts. I hope it is not the first forgotten when we get to the other side. For example:… Continue reading Self-Isolation

Downhill From Here

Recently, I was asked if I ski. That question comes up every now and then. The simple answer to that question is, No. I don’t like playing a sport in which my body moves faster than I can propel it myself. And I have too much respect for gravity and for trees. Besides, I am… Continue reading Downhill From Here

A Handy Solution

This took place many years ago in a rural high school that has since been torn down. I’m connected to the school custodian. One evening he noticed that someone had punched a hole in the wall at the bottom of a set of stairs. He repaired it and was able to match the paint. The… Continue reading A Handy Solution

Computer Jargon

My computer monitor was acting up. For several months a faint horizontal line appeared midway up. On occasion, a static-type pattern appeared in the bottom half. When this happened, it was impossible to read that half of the screen. It was getting worse. I tried a few things to determine the source of the matter… Continue reading Computer Jargon

Global Response

Some say that extroverts rule the world. I’m not sure that’s true, but they certainly garner most of the attention. Not long ago I was in to donate blood. The nurse looking after me was new; at least, I hadn’t seen her before. I’m not sure how we got on the conversation but it had… Continue reading Global Response

A Fish Tale

Mike, Dan and I were classmates at UNB when we were doing our science degrees. Mike and Dan were roommates in residence. Mike had goldfish. I forget the circumstances (appendicitis perhaps?) but Mike had to be hospitalized for several days. Dan agreed to look after his fish. A group of fellows in the residence came… Continue reading A Fish Tale