Official Bilingualism

New Brunswick is a bilingual province; in fact, we are the only officially bilingual province in Canada. We have been so for fifty years. The majority of our population is English speaking. About 32% is French. The majority of those who are French speaking live in the north of the province. Only about 2% of… Continue reading Official Bilingualism

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry Father Peters was the campus chaplain. His apartment was directly behind my residence. I had known him for years, as he was a family friend, and it was nice to run into him often during my time there. Monte never locked the door to his apartment. He made it available for any who… Continue reading Campus Ministry

We’re Not Having This Conversation

Rita was a grade four student. She was a master at manipulation. She was particularly good at playing her mother off with the school. It didn’t help that her mother took her at her word. Bottom-line: as far as mother was concerned and regardless of the issue, Rita was right and the school was wrong.… Continue reading We’re Not Having This Conversation

Strange Bedfellows

This occurrence happened relatively early in my career. A friend ran an after-school day care in the community. Children would stay with her until their parents arrived from work. One day, while the children were playing, a report came on the television featuring a rather prominent, provincial politician. My friend spoke, “Look children, can anyone… Continue reading Strange Bedfellows

The Jig is Up

I wasn’t very far into the first year of my career. I was teaching chemistry and physics in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. One day, one of my students was absent. Jokingly, I said to the class, “I hope he isn’t playing hookey.” One of my students asked, “Hookey? What do you mean by that?” “Hookey, you… Continue reading The Jig is Up

The Rolling Stones

A former colleague was attending a conference in Toronto. Craig was within two years of retiring, and one of his wish-list items was to see a live Rolling Stones concert. The group was going to be in the city during the conference. Craig’s sister, who lived in London, Ontario, said that she would spend time… Continue reading The Rolling Stones

Beyond Measure

The teacher directing the high school play presented his set design to another colleague. His plans included a basketball net that was to be in a fixed position on the stage. The lead set builder asked the director to mark out exactly where he wanted the net positioned. The director did so by placing a… Continue reading Beyond Measure