Battery Recycling – PART I

In 2003 I started a battery recycling program at my school. At that time there were few options for the disposal of small batteries. Students and community members were invited to drop off any type of household battery. The spent batteries were then shipped to a recycling plant in Ontario. Shipping and processing costs were… Continue reading Battery Recycling – PART I

Think Alouds – PART III

I don’t want to give the impression that I shared all of this with my friend. My suggestions focused mainly on what I covered in Part I, but our conversation reminded me of the strategies I did with my own children and as a teacher. With my son and daughter I really enjoyed simply playing… Continue reading Think Alouds – PART III

Think Alouds – PART II

When a child is older and showing interest in the books you read, one has an excellent opportunity to demonstrate and encourage specific thinking skills. Questions can be asked to stimulate thought, and you can invite the child to think of his/her own questions; questions they might like to ask the characters in the book… Continue reading Think Alouds – PART II

Strange Bedfellows

This occurrence happened relatively early in my career. A friend ran an after-school day care in the community. Children would stay with her until their parents arrived from work. One day, while the children were playing, a report came on the television featuring a rather prominent, provincial politician. My friend spoke, “Look children, can anyone… Continue reading Strange Bedfellows

A Bird in the Hand

Simon was one of several Chinese students I taught at a private school thirty years ago. We became very close. He once referred to me as his Canadian dad. Although I was his chemistry teacher, he taught me many things. One afternoon he showed me how to make two origami figures, one of which was… Continue reading A Bird in the Hand

Slob Night

When my children were young, they were encouraged to use proper etiquette when dining at the table. In addition to being taught how to place and use their utensils properly, instruction included how to use a napkin, how to pass and request items at the table and other relevant manners. If they didn’t learn this… Continue reading Slob Night

Family Values

As parents, one of the most important responsibilities we have is to model a strong set of values for our families. It is incumbent upon us to instill a code of behaviour that reflects well upon family and community standards. For my children, this expectation was delivered through both sides of the family. A few… Continue reading Family Values

Choosing the Right Word

When my son and daughter were young I couldn’t tell their voices apart on the phone. I didn’t want to ask them which one I was talking to so I taught them the word sibling. “Hello” “Hi, it’s Dad checking in. How are you?” “Good.” I can’t tell which one it is. “What are you… Continue reading Choosing the Right Word

Body Language

Body Language I loved reading to my children. These opportunities truly represented quality time. I have so many fond memories of the three of us huddled around a book or laughing with poems by Shel Silverstein. But let me digress . . . . . . I remember when our children went off to school… Continue reading Body Language