Happy Birthday Dad

Today is my father’s birthday. This would have been his 100th. It has been twenty-five years since he left us. I miss him. I’m the youngest of three brothers. I recall my parents telling me that they were actually hoping for a girl when I was born. I appreciated their honesty. As my father said,… Continue reading Happy Birthday Dad

Paw in Mouth

I had just finished my second year of teaching. A colleague agreed to do some welding for me. I drove to his place one summer morning and carried the materials into his garage. Shorty after I arrived, a Newfoundland dog came over to me. He was friendly enough. I didn’t have to bend over to… Continue reading Paw in Mouth

My Daughter

Lloyd Mercer was my first principal. I was new to Herdman Collegiate in Corner Brook, Newfoundland and he was just arriving as principal. I had little to compare Lloyd to; after all, it was my first year teaching, but looking back I realize he was not only a good manager but also a good leader.… Continue reading My Daughter