Taking Matters in Hand?

Growing up, my parents used many verbal expressions, several of which I still use today. For example, it was not uncommon for my father to say, “Boy, we’re finished shopping. Let’s bugger off and head home” or “That’s it for today. Let’s bugger off and get ready for supper.” Bugger off – it seemed like… Continue reading Taking Matters in Hand?

I Crossed the Line

From 1983 – 1986 I taught in Newfoundland. As a result, I had to take a leave-of-absence from the Naval Reserve. During the winter of 85/86 I applied to return to the reserves. It was required to complete some paperwork and pass a physical exam, and all of this was arranged through the Armed Forces… Continue reading I Crossed the Line

My Uncle Snook

Yes, I had an Uncle Snook. That was his actual name. My dad had seven brothers and two sisters. They grew up in a Newfoundland outport. Abraham and Sarah died in infancy, so I never knew them. Dad was number three son and Snook was number five. It was also obvious that he had great… Continue reading My Uncle Snook

Right Place – Wrong Space

Right Place – Wrong Space My first teaching job was in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. It was a school of 800 students, grades 10-12. I was teaching chemistry and physics. Exams were held in the gym and students were given 3 hours to complete them. Subjects were row specific, and a course like Chemistry 11 might… Continue reading Right Place – Wrong Space

School Lunches

School Lunches My parents grew up in out-port Newfoundland during the depression. I think that explained my mother’s frugality. She grew up in a time when thriftiness ruled the day and it became habitual. I recall as a youngster sorting and saving rubber-bands and twist-ties. In later years I would drive into the city to… Continue reading School Lunches

Downhill from Here

Downhill From Here I first started teaching in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. We bought a house in Pasadena which was a twenty minute drive from work. Everyday I had the pleasure of driving along the Humber River to get to school. It was the most scenic of drives. The route took me past the Marble Mountain… Continue reading Downhill from Here