Bridges, not Barriers

Recently I attended an event with both current and retired teachers. At my table the conversation came around to storm days and the impact on education. At one point the youngest participant spoke. “What get’s me, is parents who take their child out of school to go on a family trip.” He obviously wasn’t impressed… Continue reading Bridges, not Barriers

Two Tired

Back in September I was serving as the tour guide for a group of grade 9 students from Rio de Janeiro. It was a class trip, and the students and their teachers were touring southern New Brunswick. On this particular day, we were in Fredericton and the group arranged for bicycle rentals through a recreation… Continue reading Two Tired

Not Smelling of Roses

Not Smelling of Roses A few weeks back I met a couple from the U.S. Once the husband and wife learned that, like them, I too was a retired teacher, they had a number of questions about our education system. We also shared a few stories. She told me of the time when one of… Continue reading Not Smelling of Roses

Call 911

Emergency Services contacted the school and reported that a number of kindergarten students had called 911 the previous afternoon. The teachers had done a home safety presentation and, apparently, when some of the students arrived home they were curious. We were asked to do a follow-up with the kids and to emphasize that 911 was… Continue reading Call 911

A Shirt by any Other Name

A Shirt by any Other Name My brother Ron first introduced me to curling. I was 14 at the time. I was in my late 30’s before I started taking it seriously. When I was 43 my rugby team made it to the Maritime Championship which was played on the first Saturday in November. The… Continue reading A Shirt by any Other Name

A Sigh is just a Sigh?

A Sigh is just a Sigh? During my first year of teaching I was not only the newest teacher on staff but also the youngest. It was an exciting time. No doubt, I learned more that year about teaching than any that followed. The learning curve was steep, but it was so much fun. On… Continue reading A Sigh is just a Sigh?

Snack Time

Snack Time A number of years ago we, as a staff, had a presentation by a dietitian. It was during one of our professional development days. The focus was on healthy eating. During the session, the dietitian had a number of suggestions for healthy snacks. At one point she said that eight almonds would be… Continue reading Snack Time

Rant # 1 – Where Do We Draw the Line

Rant # 1 – Where Do We Draw the Line I just read an article in the Globe and Mail titled, How should Canada teach financial literacy in schools? It included the statement, “School is an excellent place for young Canadians to learn about smart money-management habits and practices.” This statement brought back a number… Continue reading Rant # 1 – Where Do We Draw the Line

Welcome to my World

Prior to my arrival at Macdonald Consolidated School I was told that there was a young boy with Asperger’s Syndrome who was anxious about the arrival of a new principal. He was in grade 2 and I was going to be his 3rd principal (my son was in grade 4 and I was to be his 4th).


I’d like to send a shout-out to Gail Ward. I first met Gail in January, 1997, when I started serving as principal of Macdonald Consolidated. Gail was the secretary for the Director of Education; consequently, many of my phone calls went either to or through her. I won’t take the time to list all of… Continue reading SEX ED