Under Pressure

My university rugby coach was the head of the English Department. He was a published author and wrote poetry. My favourite expression of his was, Charge forth with reckless abandon. He often used words we didn’t understand but we always knew his meaning. One spring, we were getting ready for the club’s annual tour to… Continue reading Under Pressure

Lost in Translation – Part 2

Lost in Translation – Part 2 ……….. continued I took Ji-hu aside and explained to him the significance of saying, Jesus. I told him that many would find it offensive and suggested that he not say it. His jaw dropped. He apologized several times. “You know, Ji-hu, there is another expression that kind of means… Continue reading Lost in Translation – Part 2

Lost in Translation – Part 1

Lost in Translation – Part 1 Opening Night for our December theatrical performance was drawing near and we were in the early stages of the technical rehearsal. We were in the process of fine-tuning the sound cues and we had two students on the sound board. One was a grade 12 student who was well… Continue reading Lost in Translation – Part 1

Legitimate After All

Legitimate After All We had a middle school student who was proving to be a handful. He was in foster care and was carrying a lot of baggage. Unfortunately, he didn’t last long in the foster home and was in our school for a relatively short time. On this particular day he wasn’t very happy… Continue reading Legitimate After All

Simply Awesome

Simply Awesome A while back we were in a restaurant. After I placed my order the waitress responded with, “Excellent”. I didn’t know if I had ordered an excellent meal or if I did so in an excellent manner, but it was nice to know that I had achieved something at a high standard. After… Continue reading Simply Awesome

Naughty Words

Today’s shout-out is for Arthur Griffin. Art was an English teacher and Department Head at Herdman Collegiate in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. That’s where I started my teaching career and Art and I became, and remain, good friends. We directed and produced the school’s first musicals and formed a folk band together. My time with Art,… Continue reading Naughty Words

A Parent-Teacher Interview

I think at the beginning of each entry I will send a shout-out to one, or a group of, my former colleagues and/or friends. You know, the people who have been a source of inspiration along the way. Today I want to acknowledge Erica “Chookie” Kennedy. We worked together for a number of years and… Continue reading A Parent-Teacher Interview

Welcome to my Blog! The “R” Word & Private Parts

OK, so here’s the deal – I just retired from teaching (32 years). I’ve taught in 2 provinces and in private and public schools. I’ve been a principal, vice-principal, district supervisor and, something of which I am rather proud, I’ve taught at least 1 course at every grade level – yes, that includes kindergarten. I’ve… Continue reading Welcome to my Blog! The “R” Word & Private Parts