True North Strong and Cold

I recently spent 18 days in southern Spain. Daily highs were around 18°C. Evenings were a bit cooler. Keep in mind that in the summer, daily highs hit 40°C. One afternoon I entered a restaurant to make an evening reservation. I knew that the owner’s English skills were almost nonexistent, but I caught on to… Continue reading True North Strong and Cold

Sense of Humour

We have fewer human interactions than we did years ago. This is due to technologies such as ATM’s, self-serve check-outs, computer shopping, etc; however, we still have lots of opportunities to chat with strangers. For me anyway, it is always a pleasure to converse with a stranger who is willing to exercise his/her sense of… Continue reading Sense of Humour

Europe # 2 – Food

During one of our final evenings, we dined with two women from Scandinavia. They were attending the same conference, and we had chatted often. We went to a local restaurant and scanned the menu. I was aware that one of them was a vegetarian. During the meal, the discussion came around to vegetarianism. I listened… Continue reading Europe # 2 – Food