Question What’s Right

This was a common interaction I would have with my students early in the school year: Looking at a student’s work, “Why did you write a 2 by the chlorine?”, pointing to CuCl2. “It’s wrong?” “No, I didn’t say it was wrong. I’m simply asking why you chose to write a 2 there. Tell me… Continue reading Question What’s Right

Think Alouds – PART III

I don’t want to give the impression that I shared all of this with my friend. My suggestions focused mainly on what I covered in Part I, but our conversation reminded me of the strategies I did with my own children and as a teacher. With my son and daughter I really enjoyed simply playing… Continue reading Think Alouds – PART III

Think Alouds – PART II

When a child is older and showing interest in the books you read, one has an excellent opportunity to demonstrate and encourage specific thinking skills. Questions can be asked to stimulate thought, and you can invite the child to think of his/her own questions; questions they might like to ask the characters in the book… Continue reading Think Alouds – PART II

The Long Answer?

A few weeks back I called a company with which I do some business. One of the things that impresses me about this company is that a human answers the phone. Oh, and they provide good customer service too. After I introduced myself, the fellow on the line said, “Hello, Mr. Caines. How are you… Continue reading The Long Answer?

Questions One Should Never Ask

There is a common expression in courtroom proceedings that a lawyer should never ask a question unless s/he knows the answer. This would be one of those questions and it was asked about twelve years ago. To Student: “How stupid do you think I am?” Student: “It’s not a matter of degree, Mr. Caines.” Follow… Continue reading Questions One Should Never Ask

Telephone Surveys – Part I

Telephone Surveys – Part 1 We have all had the opportunity to participate in a telephone survey at some point, right? Unless I am busy with something else, or in a hurry to get out of the house, I usually accommodate the caller. I figure the person calling is trying to make a living so… Continue reading Telephone Surveys – Part I

A Braided Question?

A Braided Question? Last week I stopped by the grocery store. When I arrived at the check-out I was standing behind a woman with the most fascinating hair. She would have been in her late 20’s or early 30’s and had the tightest, smallest braids I had ever seen. The light coming in form the… Continue reading A Braided Question?

Say Uncle

Say Uncle I ran into a former student the other day. We got caught up on his work experiences and family. It was a nice conversation. I asked how his sister was doing, another former student. He brought me up to date and mentioned that she was now a mother. He was worried because she… Continue reading Say Uncle