The Grocery Cart

I had my grandson for the afternoon (pre-self isolation). I needed some provisions so we stopped by the grocery store. He likes to sit in the cart, just as I did at that age. Before we picked one out (he likes the one with a child’s steering wheel) I pointed to the long lines of… Continue reading The Grocery Cart

Under Pressure

My university rugby coach was the head of the English Department. He was a published author and wrote poetry. My favourite expression of his was, Charge forth with reckless abandon. He often used words we didn’t understand but we always knew his meaning. One spring, we were getting ready for the club’s annual tour to… Continue reading Under Pressure

Dancing With Lanna-Mae

Recently, two close friends, entirely independent of each other, made comments that caused me to reflect back to my junior high school experiences. Now, I don’t considered myself to be a poet but, from time to time, I dabble. The following is the result of my most recent dabbling. The story is true. Dancing With… Continue reading Dancing With Lanna-Mae