I Wanted To Express My Opinion

One evening recently, my phone rang; in fact, it was at 8:28. Karen was on the line. “Hello. My name is Karen and I am calling form X and am conducting a short opinion survey regarding the economy and the environment.” She was interested in talking to someone between two particular ages much younger than… Continue reading I Wanted To Express My Opinion

Sense of Humour

We have fewer human interactions than we did years ago. This is due to technologies such as ATM’s, self-serve check-outs, computer shopping, etc; however, we still have lots of opportunities to chat with strangers. For me anyway, it is always a pleasure to converse with a stranger who is willing to exercise his/her sense of… Continue reading Sense of Humour

Useful Technology

I sing in a group. It’s true; in fact, everyone in this group sings. We perform acappella. Five years ago, our friend Andrea agreed to arrange a song for us. She later contacted me and mentioned that she needed to know the lowest note the basses could sing. I said that I would get back… Continue reading Useful Technology