Daily Quotes

Throughout my career I would post a daily quote. It would be on the board for students to see when they arrived. As a principal, I would include one with the daily written notices. It was my oldest brother who inspired me to do this. When I first started teaching he gave me photocopies of… Continue reading Daily Quotes

We DO make a Difference – Part 2

We DO Make a Difference – PART 2 It was over a year later and I hadn’t heard any news about Bernice. I thought of her from time to time and hoped that she was finding her way. One afternoon her mother called me at school. She told me that Bernie was applying to be… Continue reading We DO make a Difference – Part 2

A Parent-Teacher Interview

I think at the beginning of each entry I will send a shout-out to one, or a group of, my former colleagues and/or friends. You know, the people who have been a source of inspiration along the way. Today I want to acknowledge Erica “Chookie” Kennedy. We worked together for a number of years and… Continue reading A Parent-Teacher Interview