Roman Numerals II

Recently, I was refereeing a high school rugby game. As the match was drawing to a close, the captain of one of the teams asked me how much time remained. I looked at my watch and simply held up two fingers. The captain chuckled and said, “Are you telling me we have 2 minutes left… Continue reading Roman Numerals II

The Long Answer?

A few weeks back I called a company with which I do some business. One of the things that impresses me about this company is that a human answers the phone. Oh, and they provide good customer service too. After I introduced myself, the fellow on the line said, “Hello, Mr. Caines. How are you… Continue reading The Long Answer?

Waisting Away

Waisting Away I love the sport of rugby and am coming to grips with the fact that my playing days are coming to an end. I am making the transition into refereeing but I am going on the belief that I still have a few games to be played. Last June I suited up for… Continue reading Waisting Away

A Good One-Liner

A Good One-Liner It was a year ago, mid-December, and I had stopped by my old school. I had some things to drop off, and I made a point of popping by the staffroom to say hello to former colleagues. One of the teachers I chatted with was responsible for the Co-op Program which saw… Continue reading A Good One-Liner