Sing Me a Song

My grandson was born twenty-eight months ago. Since his birth I have made a point of spending time with him every calendar week. When I first held him in my arms I welcomed him to the world and told him a number of things. I also sang him Raffi’s song, Willoughby Wallaby Woo: Willoughby Wallaby… Continue reading Sing Me a Song

Dead Skunk

Dead Skunk During my time as principal I taught music to the kindergarten children. Twice a week I would visit each of the classes. This would get me out of the office and gave me the opportunity to get to know our newest students. One evening, I was considering some new songs I could introduce… Continue reading Dead Skunk

A Song in the Making

I believe it was 1991 when kindergarten was introduced to the New Brunswick public school system. Several years later, the Department of Education had the audacity to refer to grades 9 & 10 as the Foundation Years. So I guess that made K-8 the Pre-Foundation?  I want to salute our primary (K-2) teachers. They are… Continue reading A Song in the Making