Classroom Christmas Parties – PART II

… continued from Dec 14 How I ended up playing the metre stick is a whole other story. It is actually tied to how I came to have the opportunity to teach grade 2 and later become a principal. But that’s a story for another day. For the final twenty-five years of my career, I… Continue reading Classroom Christmas Parties – PART II

Classroom Christmas Parties – PART I

I wasn’t a fan of using class time for partying. With all the disruptions and storm days during the year, to set aside a full period for a Christmas party didn’t make sense, not to me anyway. Over the years I often heard teachers say to their students, “With so many of you going to… Continue reading Classroom Christmas Parties – PART I

Below the Belt

Calvin was a grade 8 student. He wasn’t particularly bad but he could get into a bit of trouble. By a few staff he was know as The Child Who Could Do No Wrong. Whatever the issue, his mother’s response was to defend his behaviours regardless of the circumstances. For her, it was always the… Continue reading Below the Belt

Middle School Faux Pas

Middle School was introduced to our province twenty years ago. The biggest structural change saw the grade 9’s move up to the high school, and grade 6’s moved up to middle school. Some schools embraced the change and worked hard at implementing the associated philosophy. Others simply became grade 6,7,8 junior high schools. One of… Continue reading Middle School Faux Pas

Oops on That One

Oops on That One Sonny was a challenge on many fronts. He was in our middle school for grades 7 and 8. He had both academic and behavioural issues on the go. To say that his family was underprivileged would be fair. In high school his behaviour became a bigger issue. He was eventually expelled.… Continue reading Oops on That One

Dial 9 First

Dial 9 First I was in the school’s main office when a middle school student entered and asked the secretary if he could use the office phone to call home. She gave him permission then said, “Just dial 9 first.” I turned to the student, “Excuse me, can you tell me what ‘dial’ means?” He… Continue reading Dial 9 First

To Crack a Smile

To Crack a Smile Jack was in grade seven when I first arrived at M.C.S. He was a very pleasant and cooperative student. He always impressed me as being more mature than his classmates. We chatted often. He wasn’t the most articulate of students and often fumbled a bit when trying to express himself. I… Continue reading To Crack a Smile


Over-Do-Si-Do Back in the fall I wrote a story featuring Miranda (Drug Bust – Oct 30). This is another story about her. I was in my first year as principal of Macdonald Consolidated School. It was a Friday and our lunch break had just ended. One of the grade 8’s rushed into my office. “Mr.… Continue reading Over-Do-Si-Do