Second Wind

During the year I spent at the District Office my title was, Supervisor of Middle and High Schools. I would often receive calls from parents who were unhappy with decisions made by principals. One day I received a call from a father who was upset that his son was warned of a possible suspension. I… Continue reading Second Wind

Not up to Snuff

Not up to Snuff At my last school, if a student was suspected of having smoked marijuana s/he was taken to the office. While being questioned by one of the vice-principals the student would be asked to hold their hands out. The V-P would then lean in and smell their finger tips. On this one… Continue reading Not up to Snuff

Chronic Education #2

Chronic Education #2 During my time as principal of Macdonald Consolidated School most days started out in the same manner. The buses arrived, our students exited and the high school students transferred to their respective buses. More often than not it was a smooth transition with little disruption or incident. But occasionally . . .… Continue reading Chronic Education #2

Chronic Education

Chronic Education During my principalship we had a few drug-related incidents but, for the most part, things were fairly clean. Following my first year the grade 9’s moved up to the high school, this certainly helped. We also closed the campus; ie, the students couldn’t leave the grounds during the day. Being a country school,… Continue reading Chronic Education

Drug Bust

Here’s a shout-out to Skip Ashe. I’ve known Skip for 27 years and we taught together at Macdonald Consolidated. Skip was one of the most dedicated and respected teachers I have known. The year before he retired he continued to try out new ideas and methods – he always brought his A-Game. Both he and… Continue reading Drug Bust