Not so Hidden Bias

A while back I was attending a rugby referee clinic. One presentation was about the ref’s role in reducing the potential for injuries. To make his point, one of the facilitators referred to a particular game he had officiated. “The ball was kicked high into the air. The fullback, who wasn’t very big, was in… Continue reading Not so Hidden Bias

If You Really…….. Part 2

If You Really ……… Part 2 If you haven’t read the previous post then you should before reading this one (it’s short). I first read Verbal Self-Defence in 1992. From that point onward, I would often share this strategy with my upper-level students. I didn’t realize that a few years later I would end up… Continue reading If You Really…….. Part 2

If You Really ……….. Part 1

If You Really ……… Part 1 Early in my career I took an interest in improving my communication skills and in the study of body language. I read a great deal and learned a lot. Here is a strategy I picked up from the book, The Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defence by S. Elgin. I… Continue reading If You Really ……….. Part 1

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel It was my mom’s birthday this week. I have been thinking about her more than usual.The following story came to mind. Mom was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease while she was still working as a nurse. The illness never took the upper hand until after my father died. The final years of her life… Continue reading Guardian Angel

A Teachable Moment

A Teachable Moment Not long ago my son and I were sitting down at one of our favourite breakfast spots. Two waitresses approached us – one familiar to us, the other was new. The woman we knew spoke first. “Good morning. This is Lisa, this is her first day. She is going to be taking… Continue reading A Teachable Moment

The Real World

The Real World I don’t remember the context but I do recall my grade 12 Math teacher making reference to us, her students, as one day being part of the real world. Later that day, my buddy Dave and I were looking out at the city from the school’s top floor. Dave said, “Out there… Continue reading The Real World

What Did You Say?

Ashley Milburn was the head custodian of Belleisle Regional High School during my ten years there; in fact, he was there for 29 years. His father was custodian for the 31 years before him. Perhaps, if I ever write my book, I will devote a chapter just to Ashley. He took so much pride in… Continue reading What Did You Say?

“Homework” and “Speaking of the Bible”

Here’s a shout-out to the Honourable Margaret Norrie McCain. I was an Aide-de-Camp for her during her term as New Brunswick’s Lieutenant Governor. She used her office as a platform from which to draw attention to issues associated with family violence. She was an inspiration to many and respected by all. I often declared that… Continue reading “Homework” and “Speaking of the Bible”