Discovering the World

Discovering the World When children are born they are entirely dependant on their care-givers. As parents, we control how our children discover the world, but as they grow older and become more independent they start to make their own discoveries. In some cases, those discoveries are incongruent with what they have learned at home. When… Continue reading Discovering the World

Power Rangers

Power Rangers The television show, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, began production in 1993. It was marketed for children and proved to be a very successful merchandising franchise. The show was about a group of teenagers who had the power to “morph” into super-heroes with advanced martial arts training. Their job was to defend Earth from… Continue reading Power Rangers

The Meaning of Life

What’s it all About I was having one of those days. Before I could get one thing accomplished, two new problems popped up – or so it seemed. One thing about it, as a principal I found that the days passed incredibly fast. I forget what issue I was dealing with, but I decided to… Continue reading The Meaning of Life

Me, a Freak?

Over the years I have worked with a number of school custodians (janitors). During that time I have also been involved with extra-curricular activities that, invariably, have added to their workload: locker and shower rooms in need of cleaning, stages needing to be swept, supplies to be replenished. Here’s a shout-out to those who came… Continue reading Me, a Freak?

Welcome to my World

Prior to my arrival at Macdonald Consolidated School I was told that there was a young boy with Asperger’s Syndrome who was anxious about the arrival of a new principal. He was in grade 2 and I was going to be his 3rd principal (my son was in grade 4 and I was to be his 4th).

The Herdmans – Part 1

Fran Hughes was my high school football coach. The Bear was a keen and dedicated coach and well respected by his players. I never had him as a teacher but, by all accounts, he was a favourite for many. Thanks coach for your many hours of dedication. You made a difference for me and for… Continue reading The Herdmans – Part 1

Naughty Words

Today’s shout-out is for Arthur Griffin. Art was an English teacher and Department Head at Herdman Collegiate in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. That’s where I started my teaching career and Art and I became, and remain, good friends. We directed and produced the school’s first musicals and formed a folk band together. My time with Art,… Continue reading Naughty Words