Political Promises

Political Promises We recently endured another federal election. The incumbent party returned to office. This time it was with a minority government. A week before the election I received a phone call. It was from my MP’s office. “Hello. I’m calling from X’s office. She would like to know if she can count on your… Continue reading Political Promises

I Wanted To Express My Opinion

One evening recently, my phone rang; in fact, it was at 8:28. Karen was on the line. “Hello. My name is Karen and I am calling form X and am conducting a short opinion survey regarding the economy and the environment.” She was interested in talking to someone between two particular ages much younger than… Continue reading I Wanted To Express My Opinion

Why We Do Things – PART III

… continued from last week Of course, Mark did not tell them I suggested he quit. I merely encouraged him to evaluate the reasons he was in university, and that enabled him to see things more clearly. All of us need to do that, and we need to encourage those around us to do the… Continue reading Why We Do Things – PART III