A Simple Request

Recently, I had a conversation with Gerry. We first taught together thirty years ago. He has been retired for twenty-four years. He is doing well. I was reminded of a staff meeting we had in 1989. Gerry was getting close to retirement. During these meetings he would sit quietly and stare at the papers in… Continue reading A Simple Request

A Tactical Maneuver?

When I was ten years old I was given a toy plastic machine gun. It looked like a slightly smaller version of the real thing. It came in a plastic carrying case and included a grenade launcher. Assembly was required. It actually shot plastic bullets which were fired using percussion caps. Imagine giving kids tiny… Continue reading A Tactical Maneuver?

New Technology

New Technology I was teaching at B.R.H.S. when Smart Boards were making their way into the classrooms. They were integrated over several years with 2 and 3 arriving at a time. The young teachers were really keen to have this technology in their rooms, and I was getting closer to retirement. When asked if I… Continue reading New Technology