I May Have Made a Difference

I am a blood donor. I’m also retired. That means I have more time to ask questions. Giving blood in Canada includes a number of steps. After checking in and completing the questionnaire, donors are asked to read the WHAT YOU MUST KNOW TO GIVE BLOOD pamphlet. This step is done while waiting for the… Continue reading I May Have Made a Difference

Falling For You

In the news recently, it was reported that two RCMP cadets fainted during a ceremony at which our Prime Minister was speaking. I wondered why this made the news. Was the media suggesting that Mr. Trudeau was somehow responsible? In the military, having people faint on parade is commonplace. I don’t know why the RCMP… Continue reading Falling For You


During the second half of my career I found that each spring I was experiencing a sort of depression. I would refer to it as my springtime funk. As the years passed it seemed to be getting worse; in fact, twice I even considered a career change, thinking it was related to work. I never… Continue reading Depression