The Herdmans – Part 1

Fran Hughes was my high school football coach. The Bear was a keen and dedicated coach and well respected by his players. I never had him as a teacher but, by all accounts, he was a favourite for many. Thanks coach for your many hours of dedication. You made a difference for me and for… Continue reading The Herdmans – Part 1

What Did You Say?

Ashley Milburn was the head custodian of Belleisle Regional High School during my ten years there; in fact, he was there for 29 years. His father was custodian for the 31 years before him. Perhaps, if I ever write my book, I will devote a chapter just to Ashley. He took so much pride in… Continue reading What Did You Say?

“Homework” and “Speaking of the Bible”

Here’s a shout-out to the Honourable Margaret Norrie McCain. I was an Aide-de-Camp for her during her term as New Brunswick’s Lieutenant Governor. She used her office as a platform from which to draw attention to issues associated with family violence. She was an inspiration to many and respected by all. I often declared that… Continue reading “Homework” and “Speaking of the Bible”

Malcontent Student and Class Size

In 1983 Newfoundland introduced grade 12; consequently, there was a need to hire teachers. I was offered a position at Herdman Collegiate in Corner Brook to teach chemistry and physics. Howard Bugden was my department head and mentor. I was in good hands and, throughout my career, I used ideas and tricks-of-the-trade he shared with… Continue reading Malcontent Student and Class Size

Naughty Words

Today’s shout-out is for Arthur Griffin. Art was an English teacher and Department Head at Herdman Collegiate in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. That’s where I started my teaching career and Art and I became, and remain, good friends. We directed and produced the school’s first musicals and formed a folk band together. My time with Art,… Continue reading Naughty Words

A Parent-Teacher Interview

I think at the beginning of each entry I will send a shout-out to one, or a group of, my former colleagues and/or friends. You know, the people who have been a source of inspiration along the way. Today I want to acknowledge Erica “Chookie” Kennedy. We worked together for a number of years and… Continue reading A Parent-Teacher Interview

Welcome to my Blog! The “R” Word & Private Parts

OK, so here’s the deal – I just retired from teaching (32 years). I’ve taught in 2 provinces and in private and public schools. I’ve been a principal, vice-principal, district supervisor and, something of which I am rather proud, I’ve taught at least 1 course at every grade level – yes, that includes kindergarten. I’ve… Continue reading Welcome to my Blog! The “R” Word & Private Parts