What’s In a Word

What’s In a Word I was sitting at my desk while my homeroom students were filing in. I noticed one of my afternoon students standing at the door staring at me. She looked like she had been crying. I walked over to her and asked if she was alright. She quickly handed me a note… Continue reading What’s In a Word

Chronic Education

Chronic Education During my principalship we had a few drug-related incidents but, for the most part, things were fairly clean. Following my first year the grade 9’s moved up to the high school, this certainly helped. We also closed the campus; ie, the students couldn’t leave the grounds during the day. Being a country school,… Continue reading Chronic Education

These Boots Were Made For Walking

My first rugby coach was high school teacher Peter Fleming. I didn’t have Physical Pete as a subject teacher but it was obvious he was respected and appreciated by his students. Although my older brothers were rugby players it was Mr. Fleming who provided my first real introduction to the game. Rugby playing and coaching… Continue reading These Boots Were Made For Walking

The Herdmans Part 4-3

………….. continued She brought him back. At almost the 10 minute mark I could hear the Herdman-mobile approaching. I met Mrs. Herdman and Billy K Herdman in the main foyer. He was wailing loudly and begging his mother not to leave him. She was crying; he was crying; I should have been crying. With tear-soaked… Continue reading The Herdmans Part 4-3

The Herdmans Part 4-2

………….. continued from Dec 30 I climbed back into my car and watched him in the rear-view mirror. As he neared rock-throwing distance I put the car in gear and advanced another 50 metres. I assumed he had been running at full speed at this point but he seemed to pick it up another notch.… Continue reading The Herdmans Part 4-2

The Herdmans Part 4-1

The Herdmans – Part 4-1 Billy K’s behaviour continued to be an issue. He could go several days without incident but then WHAM. I suppose his belief was, go big or go home. While his brothers needed academic support in the classroom their behaviour wasn’t much of an issue. By this time, one of the… Continue reading The Herdmans Part 4-1

Pokemon cards

Phil Elwood and I were in the same R.O.U.T.P. division during the summers of 1978 and 1979, and we keep in contact to this day. He is the consummate nice guy – a true gentleman. Throughout my adult life, Phil has been the standard to which I have compared good people. I have met and… Continue reading Pokemon cards