Rugby Tour #1

I’d like to take a moment to salute Nancy Estey. When I first met Nancy, she was the principal of Dr. A. T. Leatherbarrow Primary. I was a high school teach with two pre-school children, and I was curious to know how science was taught at the elementary level. That question led me down a… Continue reading Rugby Tour #1


I’d like to send a shout-out to Gail Ward. I first met Gail in January, 1997, when I started serving as principal of Macdonald Consolidated. Gail was the secretary for the Director of Education; consequently, many of my phone calls went either to or through her. I won’t take the time to list all of… Continue reading SEX ED

Favourite Teachers

Growing up, my mother would often ask, “Who is your favourite teacher?”; of course, I assumed she was referring to my school teaches. While I had a number of favourite school teachers over the years, if I were now asked the question, “Who was your favourite teacher?”, my response would be, “I had two. My… Continue reading Favourite Teachers

The Herdmans – Part 2

Steve Lillico was in my R.O.U.T.P. division during my first summer in Esquimalt. Steve was from Grimsby, Ontario and was an arts major. One of the things that impressed me about Steve was how knowledgeable he was regarding world issues. He would devour newspapers and was never shy about sharing his opinions. I didn’t always… Continue reading The Herdmans – Part 2

Drug Bust

Here’s a shout-out to Skip Ashe. I’ve known Skip for 27 years and we taught together at Macdonald Consolidated. Skip was one of the most dedicated and respected teachers I have known. The year before he retired he continued to try out new ideas and methods – he always brought his A-Game. Both he and… Continue reading Drug Bust

General Military Training

General Military training I was in the Naval Reserve for 20 years (I could probably write a book just on my navy experiences). During my G.M.T. (General Military Training) we were required to run 1.5 miles each morning starting at 0600. My running buddy was Gord Edwards and we remain friends to this day. I… Continue reading General Military Training

BEd Assignment

I am the youngest of three boys and there are eight years between me and my next oldest brother. I idolized these guys growing up. They inspired me in so many ways. We have grown up to be good friends. We get together often for coffee and look forward to our annual Man-Golf tour. Every… Continue reading BEd Assignment