Up in Smoke?

Up in Smoke? It was my first year teaching at Rothesay-Netherwood, a private boarding and day school located outside Saint John. I taught all the chemistry and physics courses, together with a section of grade 10 math. I also worked with the school’s army cadet corps and coached rugby. It was a beautiful fall day… Continue reading Up in Smoke?

A Letter of Reference

Letter of Reference Over the years I was often asked by students to write letters of reference for scholarships, jobs and acceptance into programs. I never really enjoyed doing so; however, I was happy to help out. I suppose if I wasn’t asked to provide references I would have been disappointed. When asking a teacher… Continue reading A Letter of Reference

Doe, a Deer, a Female Deer

Doe, a Deer, a Female Deer It was November 1st and I was teaching at Belleisle Regional High School. With few exceptions, I was the first teacher to arrive, so I would park in front of the school, enter and turn off the alarm system. The head custodian, Ashley, would usually arrived about the same… Continue reading Doe, a Deer, a Female Deer

Not a word was Spoken

Not a word was Spoken Around 1990, the Amherst School for the Deaf started a pilot program which saw its high school students integrated into their regular, home high school. I was teaching at Kennebecasis Valley High at the time and had the good fortune of having Sarah in my homeroom and period 1 class… Continue reading Not a word was Spoken

The Herdmans Part 5-2

. . . . . . . . . . . . . continued from Feb 19 With my hands above my head, I started to giggle. Billy opened the door again and yelled, “The principal’s laughing at me.” I put my hands down. “Billy, I am not laughing at you, I am laughing at… Continue reading The Herdmans Part 5-2

The Herdmans Part 5-1

The Herdmans Part 5-1 Billy was not having a good start to the day. When he exited the bus it was obvious that he was not in the right frame of mind to go to class. The intervention worker (IW) walked with him to the conference room. She would sit with him and talk and,… Continue reading The Herdmans Part 5-1

We DO Make a Difference – Part 3

We DO Make a Difference – Part 3  It was September 16, 2002. The reason I remember the date will become apparent later. That evening, the phone rang. I hadn’t been home for too long. The voice on the other end was Bernie’s. She was calling me from Alberta, 3000 miles away. It had been… Continue reading We DO Make a Difference – Part 3