Teenage Mutant Ninja Barbie

Teenage Mutant Ninja Barbie It was a few days before students arrived in September. I was teaching at Kennebecasis Valley High and the student population was approaching 1900. I looked at my homeroom class list and recognized a name. Tracy was in my homeroom the previous year (Chem 11) and was now enrolled in my… Continue reading Teenage Mutant Ninja Barbie

Balm Scare

Balm Scare About the time I first became a principal, schools were required to write evacuation plans (in addition to a myriad of other plans). We were presented with guidelines but needed to flesh out the particulars. One of the potential crisis we needed to consider was how to deal with a bomb scare. Typically,… Continue reading Balm Scare

Snack Time

Snack Time A number of years ago we, as a staff, had a presentation by a dietitian. It was during one of our professional development days. The focus was on healthy eating. During the session, the dietitian had a number of suggestions for healthy snacks. At one point she said that eight almonds would be… Continue reading Snack Time

Rant 2 – Who will be that Voice?

Rant #2 – Who will be that Voice? Recently, an editorial in the Telegraph-Journal (New Brunswick) pointed out that the New Brunswick Teachers Association (NBTA) is calling upon the Department of Education to conduct a review of how mentally and physically disabled students are integrated in the province’s schools. The editor goes on to write,… Continue reading Rant 2 – Who will be that Voice?

A New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Resolution  A few blogs back I mentioned that I liked parody and satire. In my naivety,  and as a young teacher, I just assumed everyone else appreciated these forms of humour. I was wrong. It was the first day of school after the Christmas Break. A number of my high school students were… Continue reading A New Year’s Resolution

The Gang’s all Here

The Gang’s All Here A number of years ago, Hampton High had a student gang in its midst. They called themselves The Cobraz. The Cobraz were a secret gang with select membership. They even had a sign of recognition with which they would salute each other. The Sign of the Cobraz was done by touching… Continue reading The Gang’s all Here

A Staple Presentation

A Staple Presentation I love parody and satire. I used these forms of presentation often, even though I grew to realize that many students did not appreciate it (more later). One of my patented shticks when teaching high school went like this. “Good morning class. Before we begin today’s formal lesson I would like to… Continue reading A Staple Presentation