Computer Jargon

My computer monitor was acting up. For several months a faint horizontal line appeared midway up. On occasion, a static-type pattern appeared in the bottom half. When this happened, it was impossible to read that half of the screen. It was getting worse.

I tried a few things to determine the source of the matter and was quite certain it was a monitor problem as opposed to an issue originating in the computer. I decided to take it in to the computer shop for a professional opinion.

I placed my monitor on the counter and explained the problem to the technician. He put it on his bench and plugged it in.

I imagined him saying something like, “Well, it appears as if the monitor’s signal interface with the computer has been compromised. It happens over time. It can be fixed; however, it would be cheaper to simply purchase a new monitor”;

or something like,

It looks like the liquid crystal solution that exists between the two sheets of polarizing material had broken down. It’s interesting that it is happening only in the bottom half. My recommendation is to purchase a new monitor”;


I doubt if it is an issue with the HDMI cable. I suspect the GFX card. I can do further diagnostics but …”

After a minute he made his determination.

While still looking at the monitor he said, “Yeah, it’s f#ck#d.”

Now that’s a diagnosis I can understand.

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