A Fish Tale

Mike, Dan and I were classmates at UNB when we were doing our science degrees. Mike and Dan were roommates in residence. Mike had goldfish.

I forget the circumstances (appendicitis perhaps?) but Mike had to be hospitalized for several days. Dan agreed to look after his fish.

A group of fellows in the residence came up with an idea. Some money was pooled. A plan was hatched.

X (not me) entered Dan’s room. “How are Mike’s fish doing?”

Dan answers, “Pretty good. It’s really not a lot of work.”

Do you have to clean the tank from time to time?”

Yeah. I simply scoop the fish out of the tank and place them in this bowl filled with water. I return them to the tank afterwards.”

Scoop them out of the tank? How do you do that?”

I use this little net here.”

Can you should me how you catch them?”

Dan demonstrates and pulls a fish out of the tank. X then grabs hold of the net. He picks up the fish. He puts it in his mouth. He swallows.

Needless to say, Dan is in shock.

Not wanting to upset Mike while he was in the hospital, Dan waits until he returns to res to confess what happened.

Apparently, Mike wasn’t too attached to his fish. He tough it was funny.

I felt sorry for the goldfish.

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